if you remember…

- Tara Michelle

- tumblarity

- pocketnovel (not linking to protect the innocent)

- when tumblr tried to silence Julia Allison's critics

- the tumblr/Pitchfork controversy

- unfollowfridays

- when Yahoo! was rumored to buy tumblr

- the self-congratulatory Obliterati media “awards”

- when the tumblr meet-ups at Destination Bar and Sweet and Vicious used to be cool

- the tumblettes

- of the hook-up/liaison (met via tumblr), which ended when the gal read the guy’s post of his packing list — condoms, video camera, tent — for a week in the Hamptons without the gal included in the vacation plan

- the tumblr marriage proposal (wonder if they’re still together)

- when tumblr was more of about the individual, not the media or brands

- Marie Calloway and Adrien Brody

then you’re a tumblr native

  1. spinlighted said: Haha someone put me on unfollow Friday once.
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