"Don’t be shy," said Kate. "I see you’re not. Well, no matter. Virgins are worth a lot but they don’t last, of course. She put her hands on Aliena’s hips, leaned forward, and kissed her forehead. "You’re so voluptuous, although you don’t know it. By the saints, you’re so irresistible.” She slid her hand up from Aliena’s hip to her bosom, and gently took one breast in her hand, weighing it and squeezing it slightly, then she leaned forward and kissed Aliena’s lips.

i was browsing today at housing works bookstore café and stumbled upon the pillars of the earth by ken follet. as i flipped through the book, i happen to have stopped at that passage. needless to say, i bought the book. i also put the mini-series, based on the book, in my netflix queue, immediately. i’ll be fast forwarding and looking for that scene, hoping it’s included.

(ok, i know the book isn’t a ‘romance’ novel and more of a historical novel and about gothic architecture. the quoted scene is sexy, nonetheless…)